1. All players must be 19 years of age by the first scheduled game of the season. And player turning 19 years of age during the regular season may join upon approval from the league reps.
  2. No player shall be playing in any other organized league in the current season after November 1st, in order to be eligible to play in the league. Exceptions: Humphrey Old-Timers League.  If a team does use an illegal player the team rep will be suspended for not less than two games.
  3. Each team must submit a final copy of their team roster to the league by December 1st. Only those players listed on the roster will be permitted to play. All others are considered ineligible (Only exception is the goaltender). Teams not submitting a roster by December 1st will be fined $25.00 and be ineligible to play until one is submitted. If a complaint concerning a player’s eligibility is registered before, during or after a game, it will be referred to the executive for investigation. Teams found to be using an ineligible player will be fined $25.00/ player and forfeit the game.
  4. No team’s roster will exceed 22 players including goaltenders. Players may be added or deleted throughout the year with executive approval.
  5. All players must play a minimum of 5 games during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Consideration will be given to injured players who do not meet this requirement.
  6. The executive will consist of three elected team reps to fill the positions of; President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Elections for these positions will be held at the end of every other hockey season with President on even numbered years and Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer on odd numbered years. Only team reps have voting privileges.
  7. Prior to the start of each season the executive will determine the costs and payment arrangement for the upcoming season. All fees must be paid in full at the first meeting in December of that year and no later than December 15th. A fine of $50.00/week will be assessed if a team does not pay in full by the December 15th due date. Teams will also be suspended from play until all fees are paid.


  1. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) rules apply.
  2. Exceptions to the CAHA rule book that apply to this league will be as follows;
    1. Snapshots: No portion of the blade of the stick on the back swing will be allowed past the shooters knee. A minor penalty will be assessed for this violation.
    2. Body Checking: No body checking will be allowed. A minor, major, or match penalty will be called at the discretion of the referees.
    3. Major Penalties: Any player who receives a major penalty will be out of the game and automatically suspended an additional five (5) games plus league considerations. Any player assessed an instigator or aggressor penalty will be suspended for an additional two (2) games plus league consideration.
    4. Match Penalties: Will result in an automatic five (5) games suspension plus league considerations. A player assessed with a match penalty for threatening or striking an official will be suspended indefinitely. The executive will determine the length of time.
    5. All league suspensions will follow through the following year or any sportsman league tournaments.
    6. Appeals: A player has the right to appeal their suspension through their team rep at any regular scheduled meeting. Suspensions may be appealed only if more than five (5) games. Suspended players may not attend meetings unless invited or requested by the executive.
    7. Any player that receives four (4) penalties in one (1) game will b ejected for the balance of that game and suspended from the next scheduled game.
    8. The Sportsman League will honor suspensions levied from any other leagues.


1. Game control: The referees will control the actual game. Their decisions will be correct and final during the game.

2. Referees and Timekeepers: There will be two (2) referees and a timekeeper present at each game. The referees will call infractions, rule violations and control the game.

3. Game Time: All games will consist of 3 straight time periods , one  (1), fifteen (15) minute period, and two (2) twenty (20) minute periods and the last two (2) minutes  stop time in the third (3rd) if there is a two(2) goal differential or less .  In the event of having no timekeeper the game will be the same as above with no stop time

4. Goalies: If a team is unable to have a goalie from their roster play, then they must use one from another team, or with executive approval, one from another league.

5. Minor Penalties: Will be three (3) minutes straight time.

6. Major and Match Penalties: Will be seven (7) minutes straight time.

7. Team Jerseys: A team wishing to purchase new jerseys must get executive approval to make sure their new jerseys will not conflict with an existing team’s color.

8. Game Cancellation: A team wishing to cancel a game must give the executive proper notice (48 hours) so that ice time and officials can be cancelled. If the cancelled team does not give proper notice, they will be responsible for any costs incurred (ice time, referees, and timekeeper). A makeup game or credit for next year’s registration will be issued.

9. Playoffs:

a. Teams with be split into two (2) groups of four (4) decided by the past year’s standings. Group A will consist of teams in positions 1, 3, 5, and 7. Group B will consist of teams in positions 2, 4, 6, and 8. The top team in each group will play in A final, the seconds in B final, the thirds in C final, and the fourths in D final

b. Wins will count as two (2) points, ties as one (1) point and losses as zero (0) points.

c. In an event in a tie in the standings at the end of the round robin. The following tie breaker will be used;

i. Winner of head to head

ii. Highest number in following formula;

(Goals for + Goals against)

Goals against

iii. Coin Toss

d. Each Team will have one (1) thirty (30) second time out each game.

e. Mercy Rule: If a team in up by six (6) or more goals. The third period will be straight time. If the lead gets cut down to three (3) goals stop time will resume.

f. If tied after regulation in Finals only, Teams will play five (5) minutes stop time of four (4) on four (4) sudden victory. If still tied teams will have a best of three (3) shootout followed by best of one (1). Players are not allowed to shoot a second time until every players has shot once.


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May 24, 2024